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History of our factory begins from 1952 year when was founded a local furniture workshop.

Many years have passed since that moment, but production of kitchen furniture, variety of components for furniture industry has been main activity since its foundation.

Important historical moments:

  • 1952 year of factory foundation by operating as industrial complex til 1963 year
  • 1963-1978 years was existing as subdivision of Rakvere and Narva Furniture Factories
  • Since 1979 year started operating as Kohtla-Järve Furniture Factory
  • In 1988 Kohtla-Järve Furniture Factory  moved into new building at present location
  • 1989-1999 was named by Virko AS
  • 1999-2001 was owned by Repo´s Factory
  • Since 01.02.2001 began new history of private company TNC-Components OÜ